Sunday, March 4, 2012

Oily & Combo Skin is just like any other skin!

For my Gals who's suffering from oily skin...:(
No tears, No fears... I've got good news for you!

Ever wonder why other girls has such balanced skin?
I sometimes is just as jealous of those girls who has normal skin as you are!
Well here's this, it's all about the right ways to cleanse and moisturize and finding
what's friendly to your skin.


Oily skins & Acne prone skins maybe genetic or stress related but no worries...
let's see what are the messages your skin's trying to tell you.
Washing off the excess oil won't stop it from being oily! In fact it's gonna make it more oily...
In this case it's all about balancing, lack of moisture will trick your skin to produce more oil so
moisturizing is just as important as cleansing.

Here are a few steps to balance your skin :

1. Choose the right cleanser!
    Try to use a cleanser that has a more neutral P.H, for skin it's 5.5.
    The less it foams up the more gentle it is, in my case I like to use gel cleansers, it's
    gentle and it does the same job.

2. Exfoliate!
    Now girls... This is a must...!
    Exfoliation removes dead skin cells and prevents it from clogging the pores that could
    lead to pretty!
    Twice a week will do the job and leaves skin super soft and smooth...but remember peeps...
    Don't over do it! or else it might cause irritation...

3. Tone is just as important as cleanse.
    A toner purifies and cleanses any traces of residue dirt and little extra of that freshness.

4. Last but not least...."Moisturize" !
    The right type of moisturizer prevents the skin from thirst and produces more oil...
    If you have oily skin why not try a gel based moisturizer, it's lighter and pore clog free.
    If you have combo skin then there's no worries if a moisturizer can be too rich, as long as if
    you are using the right amount.
    Different people suits different types of moisturizers, what works for me might not work for you.
    But hey! Try for yourself and you might be amazed of the difference it makes!

If you have no idea where to start, I have some recommendations for you!
Here are some of my all time favorite products that I love to bits!

 No.7 Beautifully Balanced Cleanser -

Jurlique Citrus Toner for oily-combo skin ,
This one is too natural to dislike!

Egyptian Magic All Purpose Cream,
This is my all time fave!!! Full Honesty!!!
Super moisture and cleared all my scars!

Garnier Aqua Defense,
This one is very fresh and gentle, I recommend to super oily skins...
Slather loads on as mask and sleep with it on and you'll really see the difference!-

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizer,
now if your a makeup gal then this is your thing! this one works with your
foundation and it's light and matte! -

No.7 Total Renewal Exfoliator,
My first time using this was a huge suprise...the micro beads were so fine I can't
even see... and it left my skin too smooth to be -

Try these methods and discover the difference!
Stay beautiful my Galz!

XOXO Yves <3

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