Tuesday, March 6, 2012

" HomeMade DIY Makeup Remover "

If you're a girl who loves natural cosmetic products then this is what you'll love...
A home made all natural ingredient gentle makeup remover and perfect for you if your on a budget!

Have you ever gone home one night and while removing your makeup and the remover you're using makes you go " Urghhh..." cos is too oily? Well same here!... that's why I prefer oil & water combined based makeup remover, the oil wipes of the makeup while the water cleanses & freshens...
Here's a DIY tip of mine to make a " Decent Natural Makeup Remover "...

Let's start...<3
Here are the ingredients you'll need...
Extra virgin olive oil, rose water, your favorite pure essential oil and an empty bottle.

Easy right! Everything you need you might already have in your kitchen cupboard... or not? something you can also buy in health food stores...

Step 1.

Pour the olive oil into the empty bottle... the ratio is 1:4

With different bottle sizes the ratio is still the same, the oil should be less then the water or else it might be too oily.

Step 2.

Put a few drops of your favorite essential oil

Make sure your essential oil is 100% authentic and it's made for skin use. My favorite essential oils are rose & Jasmine... It adds a pleasurable scent and that extra anti-oxidant benefit. I added 2 drops each, you don't need alot cos it's 100% pure.

Step 3.

Pour the rose water in to the bottle

This is the last step guys... pour the rose water in the bottle til the bottle's full then you're done!... make sure to give it a good shake before use. The oil and the water will separate after it's been settled.

Because this is an all natural remover, it's best to keep it in a cool dry place with no direct sunlight. The finish result should look like this....

Easy and simple!... Turns out you don't really need to buy those expensive removers after all... Although there are products out there that is just as good... but hey!...gotta love the naturals too... It's optional that you can also change your water to witch hazel , cucumber water or whatever's natural you can think of!

Now here's the fun part... here's a demonstration to show you how it's used...

Shake your remover until the oil & water are mixed well together, soak a cotton pad with it and gently place it on your eyes. Wait for 10 secs for the remover to dissolve your make up then slowly gently wipe it off and you're done!

Impressive aye?... So shocking how it wipes off all the makeup so easily...
Believe it or not, try it yourself!... It's natural and affordable, nothing to loose at all!
Cleansing is so important , my makeup lovers!...

Enjoy experimenting and wish you good luck!

XOXO Yves <3


  1. I also use this DIY too! It's great right! Better than any makeup remover i've used before! nice blog!



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