Monday, March 5, 2012

" Bigger Eyes Tips For Asian Eyes "

Here's a request for you my pretty Asian ladies...
Once a girl asked me about the secrets to getting big eyes...'s no secret... Recently browsing online seeing chinese girls doing makeup
which totally suprised me... It's like an extreme makeover!

Okay! let's start...
There are so many types of eye shapes and eyelids which works with different methods,
most Asian girls prefer to have double eyelids and some girls embraces their singles...
Both of them are just as beautiful as each other but just with different techniques to enhance.

Here are some techniques you probably already heard before... " Circle Lenses"
There are so many types of them out there that enhances your eyes... but alot of you are
allergic to them? With my experience I can't wear most brands cos my eyes are so picky...
But here's one that doesn't give you dryness or pain and it's extremely natural...
Johnson Acuvue...

If you ever feel let down by your single lids well here's something you can try! " Eyelid Tapes".
There are different types and sizes of eyelid tapes out there designed for different types of
lids. I know! some lids are just so stubborn even tapes don't work... Don't worry there are
tapes out there now that's designed for stubborn lids.

The picture on the right is the classic ones for just any eyelids which also comes in different sizes and widths depends on how deep you want your eyes to be.
This one is ideal for those who has thinner eyelids, thicker eyelids may find it not supporting enough to hold the lids up.

For thicker and stubborn eyelids I would personally suggest the double sided invisible string tapes.... which it has a stronger bond that works with any eyelids and also seems more natural.

For extra methods you can also try eyelid glue, the glue may not work with any eyelids, it's most likely to work with thinner eyelids.
It takes alot of practice to be in control of the gluing technique.

For those girls who loves to embrace their single eyelids! There are also makeup tips to enhance your eyes!

Try sticking to neutral toned eye shadows like brown, beige, olive etc... these colors will make your eyes stand out and give it more depth. Stay away from redish tones cos it will make your eyes look puffy... The thinner your eyeliner is the bigger and awake your eyes will look.
You don't always have to use black as a liner , try dark brown or just wet your brushes and use your eye shadows as liner! A thin layer of mascara or natural false lashes would do the trick too... Just stick to natural :D

Last but not least... The " Magic White Eyeliner..."
This trick is used by so many people including professionals , this is what really brightens your eyes... Use the white eyeliner and highlight your brow bones and inner corners of your eyes...
and the most important part..." Your lower eye rims "... This will definately give it a super awake illusion...!

Try these tips and experiment and discover what works for you!
Wish you beautiful eyes my Asian hotties...

Good Luck! XOXO

Yves <3

PS. If any of you wonder where to buy eyelid products... If you're from Asia you'll probably find it in your local drug store... If you're from UK or else where try Ebay!... :D

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