Wednesday, March 14, 2012

" It's Time To Be Colorful "

Spring & Summer's here... And it's time to be colorful... Put away your neutral tones coz it's time to be creative!

Pink, Purple, Blue, Green, yellow
show off your colors!... 
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Well hello to a new season... If you live in Britain... " I know it sucks "... it still rains alot.
But it's the season of the year that you can wear crazy color clothes, makeup and can actually get away with it! so why not have fun and make the most out of it right?
Here's a look that I've came up with recently, it's all about floral... the colors and of course the floral print on my cheeks. If you guys noticed... yes I PSed my hair green, just to create that themed look... I would wear a wig if I had one...XD

It's interesting how bright colors can make you look younger and more joyful... and also give you that extra pop! of energy... Even looking at yourself in the mirror makes you happy!

If you're uncomfortable trying bright colors you can also try colors that's more sheer or with a bit of shimmer. You can also try stick with just one color or add some neutral tones to the sockets of your eyes and blend to make it more natural... But if you like to party...then I say paint those colorful babies on all the way..

 Remember... it's all about having fun!

I don't know about you guys... But I have a huge crush for " ORANGE " recently... I've seen alot of artists use it for runways in these two years... If you have blue eyes...Orange is what makes those blues pop!... If you have brown eyes... try the almighty " Electric Blue ",
If you have hazel eyes... Try " Malve & Purple"
Different colors enhances different eyes...
Just Make sure your lashes don't stand out more than your pigments.

Here's a Picture of me without the green hair... lol
Have fun with it while you can...
Be colorful and stay beautiful....<3

XOXO Yves <3 

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